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The Other Ones

Limited Flag: NoSBD / NoMatrix / NoFM / NoXM / NoSirius / NoStudio / NoSides

"You can proceed with the Otherones music as you were authorized to do for Grateful Dead music: 1) fan tapes only and 2) no board tapes."

NO SBD, NO Matrix, NO Official Releases (MunckMix CD's purchased at shows) NO Sirius/XM Broadcasts, No FM Broadcasts.
Permission does not extend to any members other side projects
(beyond Phil & Friends and Ratdog, that have granted LMA permission individually).
So this does not cover anything other then shows billed as "The Other Ones"....."

Any sources uploaded outside the scope of this policy will be removed immediately.

Live Music Archive
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The Other Ones
by The Other Ones
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Set 1 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad; Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain; Walkin Blues; Looks Like Rain; Mountains of the Moon > When I Paint My Masterpiece; The Way It Is > Playin in the Band > Jam > Corrina > Jam > Drumz > Aiko Aiko > Playin Jam > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Turn on Your Lovelight Encore Ripple
Topics: Audience, AndrewF
Source: Nakamichi CM700's (cardioid) > Casio DA7 > Maxell DM-Dat tape